The Hike at Judith’s Hill

Villa Boyd:

My House and Efficiency unit is located on Judith’s Hill which has hiking trails and beautiful plants.

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Sunrise from Judith’s Hill

I started hiking on Judith’s Hill almost as soon as I purchased my house in 2000. The whole family would join me on these hikes and our prime purpose was recreational during family vacations. 

View to Salt River National Park

View to Salt River National Park

The principle attraction to this barren windswept hill was the spectacular views of the east end where you could see Buck Island Green Key, Sugarloaf Hill and the Goat Hills range (top). These hikes only occurred about once or twice a year and I really didn’t concern myself with the history or botany of the area. 

The path under the Canopy

A couple of years ago when I started walking for my health, I was committed to walking everyday and was bored to tears. I varied my hikes on a regular basis and started to walk Judith’s hill on a more regular basis. Eventually, to cure…

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Welcome to Villa Boyd!

My house is located on Judith's Hill above St. C  Condominum

My house is located on Judith’s Hill above St. C Condominum

Villa Boyd is my home and I love to have visitors come and stay in my renovated efficiency. For the most part my visitors are friends and family who love St. Croix. My standard rate is $500 per week and you can contact me about availability.

Meanwhile, this Blog will spotlight my rental unit and also the Island of St. Croix. Regardless if you are staying with me or not, I will be delighted to answer any questions you might have about the island of St. Croix where I have lived for the past 32 years.

No matter how many times my family returns, we all act like tourists and visit the many attractions of that the island has to offer. My walking partner and friend, Ted, is even more passionate about the island, so if a month passes without either of us having guests, we will act like tourists and enjoy Paradise. I hope you do too!

Everybody loves my view of Christiansted.

Everybody loves my view of Christiansted.

You can get started by on your vacation by checking all the pictures of my efficiency and comparing it in price and quality to the other lodgings available on St. Croix.

email: villa.boyd -AT-

phone 1-340-277-3737